School Policies




Lesson schedule to be agreed at the beginning of school year.


Lessons are conducted on a weekly basis, for students who fail to commit to the same schedule for more than two weeks in a month, Amusix Productions Limited reserves the right to transfer that schedule to another student.


Tuition fee:


Tuition fee are charged on a monthly basis, tuition fee must be made on or before the first class of each month.


Payment can be made in cash or bank transfer (HSBC account 809 880 750 838), cheque payment must be made at least three working days before the first lesson of each month. Should you need an invoice for the tuition fee, please notify in advance.


Lesson attendance:


Students are expected to attend each lesson he/she has registered with the instructor. Missed lessons by the student will only be made up under special circumstances, at the discretion of the instructor.


If a student is aware of an upcoming absence – e.g. vacation – the student should inform his/her instructor at the time of registration and, with the Instructor’s permission, the lesson can be rescheduled. 


Lesson rescheduling notification has to be made at least 48 hours before, otherwise the lesson will be cancelled without a refund. 


Students are not allowed to reschedule more than 25% of registered lessons per month.


For students under the age of 18, cancellation or rescheduling notification must be made by their parents only.


Please notify your instructor immediately of any injuries that might affect lessons.  Partial refunds may be considered in cases of prolonged illness or injury. In the case of minor injury or illness, rescheduling of class may be considered if your instructor is notified two hours before the lesson.


If an instructor is absent in the case of illness or injury, every effort will be made to provide a make-up lesson at a time that is suitable to both the student and the instructor. If the Instructor is unable to make up a lesson, the student will receive a refund, or credit to be applied to future lessons. 


Lessons take place on public holidays unless stated in advance. Any students who are not able to attend a lesson on a public holiday must notify his/her instructor at the beginning of the month when tuition payment is made.


Amusix Productions Limited reserves the right to cancel a lesson due to excessive absence.


Photo/ video policy:


Amusix Productions Limited may photograph/videotape classes or events for educational and publicity purposes, unless a request is submitted to your instructor in advance. 


Show and event policy:


Once a student has committed to take part in a student show or event organized by Amusix Productions Limited, students are expected to attend on the date and time agreed.


Any students committed to take part in a student show or event organized by Amusix Productions Limited, are obliged to attend a minimum of two rehearsal sessions.


Deposit payments are required for any tickets reserved for student shows or events two days before the show or event, in order to secure the reservation. 





Monday-Friday 10:00am-10:00pm

Saturday 9:00am-8:00pm




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