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Welcome if you are new. Welcome back if you've been with us for a while. You know how it will be, we will go stronger, faster and better than last year. I can't wait for our next shows. Together we will build trust and memories. Register now for the next semester. 

Guitar / Drums / Voice / Ukulele


Originally from France, Joul is the singer/songwritter of the band DR.EGGS. With 2 albums and 1054 shows around the world he will be the "Experience talk". 

Lessons in English - French



Originally from Hong Kong, Ivan is the drummer of King Ly Chee.

Lessons in English - Cantonese

Viola / Piano

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Piano/ Guitar / Bass


Alwin is a multi-talented musician who sings and plays a range of instruments. He also teaches modern music to kids and adults, both in live band environments for interacting with and playing alongside other band members, and for individual instruments (most notably piano).


He teaches with a focus on practicality and streamlining skills for modern music enjoyment.

Additionally, he plays with a variety of different groups and bands, including The Soul Proprietors and Back to Busk across multiple instruments.



Monday-Friday 10:00am-10:00pm

Saturday 9:00am-8:00pm




Kuo Wah Building, 13/F 340-342 Henessy Road, Wan Chai Hk, China


Tel: +852 90137025

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