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  In the studio / with your band  

  Lessons at the studio    

Lessons at the studio take place on a fully outfitted rock band stage. This gives students the opportunity to try different types of instruments. In addition, students are able to experience the vibe of being in a rock band with live accompaniment during lessons. On day one, students will be playing songs. We don’t teach out of introductory books. Two or three times a year, students will be matched with other students to perform live in authentic venues – truly a unique and exciting experience.


Located in Wanchai, Hennessy Road, the studio is at 5 min walk from Time Square Mtr Station or Wanchai Mtr Station and the Minibus 40 for/from Stanley.

Tuition Fee: HK$600 per hour.

  Make your Band    

You probably know how to play an instrument, but you don't know how to make a band. You will need gear, a band room, maybe even band members. Let us help you by providing rehearsal space, equipment, and coaching based on our own experience in the industry. Learn about song composition, choreography and booking a gig. Come with your own band or we can even help match you with some of our current students.

Session Fee: +85268070712.


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